• What is LicenseInsight?

    LicenseInsight was created to give people tools to better understand liquor license trends in their area.

  • Where do you get your data?

    Our current sources are:

  • Will you sell my email address, or give my information to third parties?

    As per our privacy policy, we will never sell your email address or provide it to third parties without your consent.

  • How does this site make money?

    This website is currently in beta while we collect user feedback and input. After our beta period, we may choose to charge for some services.

    Alerts for new licenses, which are of particular interest to local activist communities, will always be provided without charge.

  • How can I add my city?

    After collecting initial feedback on site usability, we plan to expand to other cities in California. If you would like your city added, please suggest it in our feedback system, or contact us directly.

  • Why are my neighborhood's boders not what I expect?

    Neighborhood borders are approximated by overlapping neighborhood shapes provided by Zillow with US census tract boundaries on a best-fit approach, in order to estimate the number of people in each neighborhood. This process may result in unexpected neighborhood borders, particularly in smaller neighborhoods or less populated regions.