Wooded Area Liquor License Concentration
Bars & Pubs Restaurants Other Onsale Offsale Non-Retail / Other New
Top 10% in City
Above Average
Below Average
  • 0New Applications
  • 0Onsale Licenses
  • 0Offsale Licenses
License Locations
Bars & Pubs0
Other Onsale0
Non-Retail / Other0
2010 Census Tracts
CensusTract Population Total Licenses Ppl per License City Rank
73-9901 626 0 626 Top 100%
Totals: 626 0 626

Locations with on-sale bar or pub licenses.

Locations with on-sale restaurant licenses.

Locations with on-sale licenses that are neither restaurants nor bars/pubs.

Locations with off-sale liquor licenses.

Locations with temporary or non-retail licenses.

Locations with new license applications.